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Know yourself and all you have. There is first your Divine self, the eternal part of your being, and your Ego self, the temporary part of your being. The Divine self is hidden, it is accessible through your subconscious mind, some have come to a deeper understanding of their divine self through a near-death experience, and some through powerful hallucinogens such as Ayahuasca. Still, others have discovered their Divine self through powerful and correct meditation.

The Divine self is your eternal identity, for infinite eternity you will always be your divine self, between carnations as physical life forms you revert back to your eternal self. However, you only get to be an ego self for a very short time, 80, 90, or even 100 years if you are fortunate.

A Day in the afterlife is like a thousand years, (this is hypothetical, there is no time in the eternal realm) so 250 years is like 6 hours in Heaven and 2 hours in Heaven is 84 earth years. My point is, you get forever to be your eternal self, but your time on Earth in your ego self is very limited so don’t waste it.

I have spent my entire life seeking my creator, understanding truth, wondering why I exist, and most of that existence was turmoil. Being trapped in a religious cult, a loveless marriage, broken homes, dead-end jobs, disparaging life and just waiting for this existence to end, but still seeking my creator through all of it. When I finally discovered my creator, that which is responsible for Existence everywhere, (he/she/it) was in me, with me, experiencing me, unfazed by the entirety of my life, unmoved by my troubles or hardships, and was steadfast and consistent in creating my outer world based upon the core beliefs of my inner world. I have learned the creator is consistently at work throughout the entirety of existence in the exact same manner, creating the outer experience based on the inner workings of the entire species without favoritism. Therefore it requires your very powerful self-will to overcome the mindless folly that comes from the will of the masses.

I cannot call the creator “God” because the idea of God given to us through religion is too minuscule and puny of a description of that which is behind existence. For example, when you think, the fabric of your thought is made from omnipresent material, the energy of your thought is powered by an omnipotent force, and this is being woven together for you by the omniscient knowledge allowing you to think. Before your thoughts are known to you, it is known by that which forms your thoughts in your mind on your behalf. Thus the saying the creator and creation are one is true. The notion there is a vengeful God who sends people to Hell is the most fantastic foolishness ever believed since Earth began. This concept creates fear, and this fear is a blockage of the oneness the individual can have with the creative creator living and dwelling inside each individual.

That which is behind existence is a mystery to the Heavenly beings, and even to All the Gods combined, for that which is behind existence hosts all that is divine including your divine self, and is forging your divine self to be a unique individual in the eternal realm. So while you have your ego self here on Earth, it’s OK if you are an Atheist or a Religious person, because that which made you is working with you forever.

Whatever appeals to your heart will be determined by the condition of your soul. This is not just the law for humankind, That which is experiencing existence through Lifeforms is doing so consistently with every life form, from atoms and bacteria to the ant, mammals,  Sea life, Planets, and Solar systems (each is a life form), Galaxies (each is a life form), Universes (each is a life form) and the Multiverse of Universes (each is a life form) and the Megaverse of Multiverses (each is a life form). There is no end to that behind existence, so for the last time I will make this statement, do not fear death, don’t you take off your clothes before you go to bed? and put on fresh clothes when you wake up in the morning. So too you will shed your body when you go to the grave and be born again in a new Earth body when you return to Earth should you choose to do so. Talk of a Hellfire is reserved for the ignorant, blind, gullible cult leaders and followers. Jehovah could have found himself burning forever in the Hell he created if Christ had not saved him. (I laugh out loud), I can only imagine the turmoil those last 18 words have caused in the minds of religious folk brave enough to read my words. Now, back to being SELFLESS.

The key to living the Life of Unconditional Love is to first experience unconditional Love and know that you are Loved unconditionally. There are no terms & conditions on the Love the creator has for you. Can you let this love flow through you? can you let this same unconditional, non-judgemental, all-accepting, well-wishing, un-offendable, all-forgiving energy flow through you for all of life? If your religion teaches you God has enemies, unconditional Love is impossible.

All too often it is our ego that is in the way of pure perfect Love flowing through us. Our egos can be offended, our ego demands justice, and our ego will consider others unworthy of our time, energy, or effort. The Irony is the whole point of being on Earth is to experience the Ego. If you did not have your ego your entire experience on Earth would be Divine, which is your forever state of being. Your Earthly experience, which is only for a few seconds when compared to the eternal realm, is solely for you to experience a unique individual point of view. If you are able to tune your Ego into Unconditional Love, then you have mastered the art of living in life forms.

I will say that again in case you missed it. If you are able to tune your Ego into Unconditional Love, then you have mastered the art of living in life forms.

The art of Living a life of Unconditional Love comes with training one’s own ego (which is by very nature selfish for the purpose of survival) in the art of being selfless. This requires a skill set similar to that of training a wild horse. Nevertheless, the selfless ego is your goal. 

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie