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Life is our Teacher: Part 3

In life, there are things we “believe” and there are things we “know“. If you’re put in a room and spun around, then told to find the door, you may feel a little dizzy, but you will see and know exactly where the door is because you used your eyes. But if blindfolded, then spun around and told to find the door, you will walk in the direction you “believe” the door to be.

A belief is something you assume is true, even in the absence of evidence. It is a very strong conviction in your subconscious mind. If your belief is proven, it is no longer a belief, it becomes knowledge. Ask a married man if he believes he has a wife, and he can reply: “no, I know I have a wife”.

What do you know to be true? What is your life based on? You know you need to keep a roof over your head, and food on the table, it is a good idea to keep a financial stream of income that contributes to keeping this in your life. Aside from the things you know, what do you believe?

Often when we speak of “beliefs” the subject matter is about God, religion, spirituality, the supernatural, UFOs, Angels, Demons, Heaven, and Hell. It’s difficult to argue about what we know, after all, if I claim the sky is green and the grass is blue, you need only to look for yourself to determine what you see with your eyes. But it’s very easy to argue about things we believe because the belief is happening inside your mind, who can prove you wrong? Imagine believing something so strongly you would be willing to end someone’s life because they believed something different than you do?

Let’s go back to that room, you’re on the 25th floor, and one door leads to the corridor, but in the opposite direction, you’re told another door leads to a straight drop 25 floors to the ground and certain death. How sure will you now be about the direction you travel after being spun? You’ll want to remove that blindfold, or at least get some clues, some evidence to help you decide which way to travel. If there are 5 or 6 others all blindfolded and one person is convincing you to follow them because they “know the way”, you are absolutely free to do so, but would it not be wiser to trust in your own gut instinct and deep convictions? Sometimes the “need for guidance and someone to show us the way” will prompt us to let go of what we know deep down, and follow someone else, who themselves are groping around in the dark blindfolded.

Some will tell you, that the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, this Scripture, or that scripture are the clues God has given you to help guide you through life. But right here on the 25th floor, right now how will these texts help the blindfolded person who needs to make a decision on which way to travel? There are moments you need to make a “Real-time” decision and religious context is not applicable here and now. It is at that moment your relationship with your instincts, your 6th sense, your inner voice, and your higher self will be all you have to depend on. Life is constantly training and strengthening your instincts, your 6th sense, and your inner voice if you are paying attention.

Suppose for a moment everything we need in life is contained inside, we need not look outside for our answers, but instead, we simply look inside to learn and use the tools we’re born with, how can this help the blindfolded person needing to make a decision now? They can go into their memory and recall what the room looked like. Where is the furniture, what shape was the room, what was against the walls? From that mental imagery, the person can use their hands and feel their surroundings and put their trust 100% in their internal dialog, sense of touch, and memory.

Concerning our Religious, Spiritual, and supernatural beliefs, I only want to address one thing. Answer this, have you seen a mother nursing her newborn baby? now picture her while filled with compassion, love, and caring for her infant, making the conscious decision to put her child into a lake of fire where it would suffer forever? Does this make any sense?

Us humans are supposed to be evil compared to unconditional Love that endures forever, which is our creator. If you cannot picture a mother destroying the life of the newborn baby, how much less should you be able to picture UNCONDITIONAL LOVE punishing the very souls created from deep within the Heart of Love. When we picture an Angry, jealous, vengeful GOD, does this not justify our own angry, jealous vengeful behavior? And it now makes sense a man will kill those who doesn’t believe as he does.

Either unconditional Love endures FOREVER, or there is a Hell because God’s Love cannot endure certain people. And if the latter is true, what is “unconditional”?

Could Life be teaching you to trust your own intuition? No matter how convincing the argument put before you, stop, and look into what makes sense to you before you make a life-changing decision.

(These are my thoughts not the views of ICU Online members or staff:)

If a mother’s love is strong enough to protect the infant that does nothing for her but demands food, burps, farts, poops then needs to be cleaned, then I hold the position that any text, doctrine, or message that describes the power of LOVE that created us as a power that also destroys us without remedy, as fantastic foolishness, created by man for the purpose to control him out of fear. The creators’ LOVE endures forever it doesn’t quit, is powerful, and protects from any eternal harm. The only harm you will ever face is in your temporary human body on Earth.

But that is my belief, what do you believe? We are all blindfolded while we journey on Earth, you cannot put trust in me or my words, you must put that trust in your own ability to reason and think.

Could Life be teaching you to trust your own internal dialog?

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie