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Student: What is The Source of Origins?

Observer: That which brought Existence into existence.

Student: But what is “That” which brought Existence into existence?

Observer: Consider the mustard seed, the smallest of seeds, but it grows to be the largest tree on this land. If you cut the mustard seed open what will you find? There is no tree bark or wood, there are no roots or material of any kind. But plant that seed in soil and in the right conditions Life and Love will enter that seed and read its DNA, Life will begin the process of self-replicating the atoms, and Love will fashion the atoms according to the requirements of the code in the DNA.

Student: What is reading the information in the DNA? what is relaying to each atom how to behave, what material to become, what shape to be?

Observer: Consciousness. In the journey from the Mustard seed to the fully grown Mustard tree, we see the creator in creation at work. This is how the creator works inside all of creation, forming the outer state from the code in the atoms, the eternal conscious mind determining the behaviour of everything in existence according to its design.

Note: The wind blowing in the leaves on the mustard tree is also the creator. The ground the tree is planted in, and so on. The creator is Omnipresent.

As Life and Love read the Mustard seed DNA they saw its dream, its ambition, its potential, its size, colour, and shape, and according to the DNA of the Mustard seed Life & Love manifest through self-replicating cells the likeness of the blueprint.

The creator is the Lifeforce of the whole of creation, from expanse to expanse of the known universe and beyond. But there is no creator to point at, we see life, we see the output, the result, the sculpture, but where is the sculptor?

Here is the mustard tree but where did the first seed come from?

There is an argument that ‘something’ cannot come from ‘nothing’, there must first be ‘something’ for something to come from. This is true but, Mind is eternal without beginning and without end, also without form, shape, size or density, just infinitely mind, and that is the something that all things have come from. Imagine what kind of IMAGINATION such a mind could have?  BANG!!! and here is a universe.

The Source of Origin is beyond our capacity to imagine, but we have imagination and that is the gift the Source of creation has given us.

When Love and Life enter the mustard seed they tap into the subconscious imagination of the seed and see the tree it wishes to become, and so the creator creates creation.

So too with the physical body you are in, Love and Life carried the sperm to the egg and under the right conditions Love and Life formed your vessel bespoke for only you.

Student: But where is Love & Life that I may bow down and worship them?

Observer: If you really feel the need to worship and praise our creator, show all of that emotion, love and gratitude to the homeless in your communities, many food banks need food and workers. The creator living and active in those people will appreciate your appreciation. If worship is the showing and expressing of Love to those less fortunate than yourself, then it is possible that an Atheist can show more love and express more gratitude for the creator by his/her actions than a believer.

As for that which brought existence into existence, to us it is nameless, shapeless, formless without beginning without end, it just is. It cannot be fathomed, explained or understood, it can only be experienced right here right now at this moment and then remembered. In the absolute stillness of nothingness is the epicentre of imagination. Therefore it could be said about the Source of Origins, that the origins of existence have no Self. Anyone or anything that has a Self is a copy of the original, but the Original was in the eternal mind of Source, Imagined and fashioned and created.

Therefore the very nature of Love is without Self. Love has no self-interest, needs no validation, and cares nothing about the opinion of others. When a being acts by the nature of Love, their actions are heroic. In a disaster the man who lives in fear will save himself, he will step on bodies to get himself to safety, but anyone who lives by Loves nature will not be focused or concerned with self, they will be focused on the well-being of those who they can see and help.

When you pray to your God, no matter which God you pray to, there is only one consciousness in existence able to answer your prayer, and it responds to the seekers equally, without favoritism, without judgement, without jealousy, no matter what named God you are praying to, if you believe then your prayer is answered.

Love is the No-Thing of nothingness, and from nothingness, Love became the All of Allness. Love created the first atom, and through Imagination saw all that Atom could become. Love filled the atom with the entirety of its potential and Life self-replicated the first Atom. While Scientists at CERN spend trillions of dollars smashing particles together at the speed of light trying to recreate the Big Bang, what they fail to realise is the Bang was not a collision, but CONSCIOUS LIFE self-replicating the first Atom, just as life self replicates cells, just as Christ self replicated the fish and bread revealing he knew the secrets of LIFE.

Our creator is in us, experiencing us, observing us, but not just us, the creator is experiencing EVERYTHING from the smallest atom to the being of our entire Universe. The Source is in all, through all and is All of existence. YOU are a gift from Source to yourself.

As Source is the only mind, consciousness and Life in existence, beings were imagined who could experience the created reality. But being Omniscient Source sought a blank canvas from which creation could be viewed. We are that blank canvas.

The relationship between humans and our creator is much like the relationship between the Mustard seed and the creator. Just as the creator searched the Mustard seed and manifested its reality, so Life and Love search the entirety of our hearts minds and souls without Judgement and create that reality in our outer world. Each millisecond by millisecond this process is constantly at work, your being is constantly being scanned by the very life within you for the information to create your outward reality.

The notion of a God we must bow down and worship presents a God full of self and ego, who can be easily upset, angered and punish whoever has upset him. The reality is Our creator is the Omnipotent Power behind existence and is silently, selflessly observing existence from the inside. By very nature, the creator gives you anything you wish, so just as the mustard seed is crafted according to the information in it, our life experience is crafted by the information in us. However, Love protects Life, so due to the wicked behaviour of mankind, we are limited in our manifestation. Learning to “wish correctly” is the path of the Master Student.

The God complex, this ruler who punishes his enemies in eternal hell fire is something that needs to be completely scraped out of the human psyche, killing in the name of God, and all kinds of evil that happen around the world in the name of God must be permanently and radically rejected by all. Instead, this angry jealous insecure God must be replaced by fearless, selfless, compassionate Love for all Life.



Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie