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Life is our Teacher: Part 4

Life is a matter of perspective, most view “life” as something that is inside us, but we are discovering through science that “Life” is the omnipresent field that we are all in. Life is in the Oxygen we breathe, Life is in the water we drink, and Life is in the fruits and vegetables we eat. It is the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient conscious energy responsible for existence in every dimension of reality.

Life is not a created thing, rather Life is the creator responsible for existence and gives power to the mind behind creation.

As we observe our observable Universe, we are able to see from expanse to expanse over 10 billion light years in any direction from Earth. But we are only able to see 0.0034% of the light from the light spectrum. This means there is 99.9966% of reality we are not aware of, yet Life is all of that, and infinitely more.

Your individual existence is a gift from Life, you exist, unique unto yourself. Your journey is everlasting, you’re the Life inside your body, you are not your body, just as when you wear a suit, you are not the suit, or if you drive a car, you are not the car. You are Life, you are the conscious awareness of your mind, and right now your conscious awareness is experiencing the human life form that allows you to interact with Planet Earth. When your Human experience is over, your consciousness leaves your body, and the body will cease to have your presence, but YOU as an individual part of infinite Life will continue on your eternal journey. This is the knowledge humanity is finally waking up to, (The Great Awakening).

You are the Persona of your being, you are the personality and character driving the body you are in, and you are the facial expressions, the aura, the energy, that others see and feel when in your presence. You are either the driver or passager of your emotions depending on the strength of your willpower. You and you alone are the decision maker behind your life experience.

You are Life Force, you are conscious awareness, you are the observer, the thinker, the imagination in control of your physical being on Earth. There is nothing on Earth with real authority over you except that to which you give authority. And you have no authority over any other being, for all things that exist is the creator experiencing creation, just as through you the creator of existence is experiencing your will.

There is no judgment, hellfire, eternal damnation, or everlasting punishment for those who sin against the Source of existence, it is easier for a flea to crush a fully grown Bull Elephant than it is to lose the Love of our eternal Source, whose Love endures forever. Life is an eternal state for there is no beginning or end, experiences however are temporary happening in moments of time. Life on Earth is a temporary “life experience”, but whether you believe these words or not is neither here nor there, only someone who has died and come back to life from death could confirm or refute these words.

While here on Earth we have the opportunity to observe and experience the Creator of existence in our thinking, and feeling, living bodies. Or, we have the opportunity to experience fear, danger, delight, pleasure, pain, suffering, dismay, bewilderment, ecstatic joy, romance, abundance, or loss. Yesterday is the historical painting made by your past choices and decisions. Tomorrow is a blank canvas for possibilities. But right here and Now, you are the designer and architect of your life experience. And Mother Life wishes to teach those who wish to learn how to create the absolute greatest life experience you can have despite current circumstances or situations.

  1. Learn to be really honest with yourself, brutally honest. Learn to tune into yourself and what you are really thinking, feeling, and experiencing in life.
  2. Learn to meditate, to clear your mind of unnecessary clutter, rather than being the passager of your thoughts and listening to all the ramblings of your mind, learn to take control of your thinking, and think the thoughts you wish to think.
  3. Use your imagination, and form a mental picture in your mind of how you would like your life to be. Practice visualizing this picture and put yourself in the picture. Feel the emotions associated with it, explore your heart and mind while in this state, and get to know you and understand you.
  4. Know how you would like to be treated, now practice treating the people around you in that manner. But note, if you wish others to serve you, but you do not like to serve others, can you understand others feel exactly as you feel concerning meeting your needs? Therefore you should only expect from others what you are willing to do for others. If you are willing to do nothing, expect nothing, if you are willing to do everything, remember there are those willing to do nothing, don’t let them change you.
  5. Learn to tune into Life. The Omniscient field in which we all exist is conscious and aware, without prejudice and without judgment. People who seem to know the future, who seem to have very powerful intuition are tuned deeply into life. Learn to make better life decisions, and experience a better quality of life, by tuning into the ultimate teacher who is living you, breathing you, and experiencing every aspect of your being.

Eventually, you will become fearless when deep in your subconscious mind you fully understand Life is with you and not against you, Life is teaching you, guiding you, experiencing you, manifesting the experiences in your outer world using only the ingredients of your inner world. Once you realize these things to be true, you will make every effort to see to it that your inner world is a blissful peaceful paradise.

But the person who is still blaming other people hasn’t yet found their own path, when they’re walking naked down the street it is because the store did not have the right kind of clothes.

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie