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Become a Master of Learning: We are here to Learn.

what’s your purpose in life“?

Over the years I have heard various answers to this question, my favourite was the most honest and sincere from my best friend Paul Stewart who took half an hour to think about the question, then replied ” to eat food and have sex”. At first, I thought he was just joking, but then, what else was the purpose of man on Earth but to eat food to stay alive, and have sex to procreate and keep the human race alive and thriving?

This post won’t be about ‘our purpose‘ because I’ve learned a person’s purpose is a bespoke affair, we do not all share the same purpose, but I have another question, “Why are we here on Earth?” My answer to that question is ‘we are here to learn‘.

The difference I see between Purpose and Learning. A purpose in life could be to feed the hungry, another purpose is to be the best guitar player on Earth. Despite whatever purpose we choose, we still need to learn the skills to be applied in order to live our purpose.  Therefore the purpose is a desired direction or destination, Learning is the vehicle to get there. Learning is why we are all here on Earth, purpose is bespoke to what you chose to do with that learning.

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught:

There is one eternal subject we could all strive to understand which would turn life on Earth into Paradise, that subject is “The Way of Unconditional Love“. If one should choose the Purpose of ‘making Heaven on Earth‘ then the path of Unconditional Love is the learning to undertake.  This subject (unconditional Love) is difficult to master in just one lifetime, many lifetimes may need to be experienced to produce the character of unconditional Love, the individual Soul can become completely one with LOVE and Loves eternal way of being, which is without “Self”. In the meantime, you are here, now, with bills to pay, people to impress, things to buy and acquire, scores to settle, and ambitions to realize. Unconditional Love might not be at the top of your list of things to achieve, and that’s OK, we are eternal, but for old souls who have probably done everything a Soul can possibly do throughout many lifetimes, Unconditional Love is the Master class, the mountain top, the peak summit of abilities to acquire.

Our eternal Creator has no deadline for us to realize Love’s way, we have forever and ever to get this right, there are Souls who a trillion Earth years from now when our Planet Earth is swallowed by the center of the galaxy, will have to incarnate on another Earth-like planet because they have still to overcome foolishness as trivial as racism. However, for you happy few who are ready in the here and now the Masters Class has begun and many are learning The Way of everlasting Life in Paradise right now, Unconditional Love.

Step one, learn to Learn: In saying Earth is a classroom, this means as Living beings on earth we are all students, we are all here to acquire knowledge, grow, deepen our understanding, and leave this Earth more than we were when we arrived. I do not mean physically, as we were all babies and obviously we will each surpass our baby state of being, I do however mean Spiritually. If you are in agreement that we are eternal beings experiencing a temporary Human condition, then there is a part of you that is observing, recording, and experiencing your humanity. This is the part of you that has experienced your entire existence and you will reunite with this higher part of yourself once this earthly existence is over.

For the sake of your eternal self, you are here learning and developing abilities. The art of Learning is the most important skill to acquire, for through your ability to “learn” you can gain new skills like languages, compassion, empathy, self-control, listening, foresight, intuition, changing your DNA, changing your neural pathways, turning hatred to love, how to forgive, letting go of anger, rage, criticism, and the ability to substitute character weaknesses, replacing them with a strength of characters like unshakable Love, internal peace, integrity, and a deep calmness of soul.

If you’re reading these words from a place of despair, with a broken heart and a broken spirit, if you have been contemplating suicide and are tired of life, just know the author of these words was diagnosed with clinical depression and Complexed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was at the brink of suicide twice. Can you relate to the feeling that life has chewed you up, chewed all the flavour out of you then spat you on the ground only for some big nasty boot to step on what remains then squish you into the ground, then scrape you off their boot and discard you like filth? If you cannot relate to this kind of life experience then maybe you are not ready for this Master’s class, if you can relate to these words then maybe you are ready because to become a Master’s Student of unconditional Love you should be in a place where you are finished with this life, only then are you able to learn the impossible path. I say this because everyone I have ever known to have the deepest Love has faced the most heinous trials in life.

Please do not go off and purposefully put yourself through hardship just to qualify for this message, that would be fantastic foolishness, better to live the happiest life you can possibly live. I am simply stating that those who have already been broken and shattered into many pieces naturally have a different perspective on life, and through that perspective will have a unique and different understanding of the words on this course.

Your ability to learn depends on your desire for change, growth, and improvement. If there is no desire to change or grow, then what purpose is there in learning? And if you are desperate for change, then ‘How To’ is at the top of your list. You need to understand yourself, know what methods best work for you, and don’t try one method and then give up because you didn’t get the desired results, should a fish become depressed because it cannot climb trees? It is best for the fish to know itself and operate in its best environment. The same is true with you, learn the best methods for yourself.

Earth is a classroom and you are here to learn.


Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie