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Don’t be afraid to be alone with your answers:

During life’s journey, we can be confronted by people who strongly disagree with our personal beliefs. That’s OK, each individual is on a bespoke journey with life, the only things we should be in complete agreement on, are matters concerning the health and well-being of all. But as for your purpose, this is your journey, do NOT let anyone steer you away from your destiny.

I wish to convey to you there is a very powerful force in you and with you through every second of your life despite whatever beliefs you may or may not have. This Life Force sustaining you is Intelligent Consciousness and pure Love energy. When you pray, hope, dream, wish, desire, or crave it is the instinct of the Life Force in you to lead you to the fulfilment or answer of your prayer, hope, dream, wish, or desire. This is the nature of the Life Force and this working is not just in us, but when animals, birds, fish, or even insects hope, dream, wish, desire, or crave, the Life Force in them leads them to fulfilment.

It is imperative you understand this LifeForce is raw energy, it shows no favouritism to people, species, religions, or creeds, but acts upon the individual life form according to the conscious state of that individual. The Human, ant, and Planet are all powered and animated by the exact same source of existence, the Omnipresent Omnipotent Life Source. But in our human state of consciousness, we have the opportunity to change our consciousness to align with the divine consciousness of our creator. This Life Force does not Judge you or condemn you, but it will experience you and reflect back upon you. You are life’s eternal student, eternal by very nature, and right here and now you’re in a temporary human state allowing you to change your consciousness. Your life experiences are like chisels, hammers, sandpaper, polish, and life lessons are the moulding of your thought process.

So how does life teach you? As stated before life reflects back on you, if you look in a mirror you will see your reflection, now how do you make your reflection smile at you? If you can understand the law of the mirror then you can understand the law of the Life Force constantly at work in the universe. The energy we put out is the energy we get back, or, what we sow we will reap, the reflection in the mirror represents our outer world, our inner world is the cause, and the reflection is the effect.

But what of the man minding his own business, walking down the road, helping the strangers he sees, and doing his best to remain positive, if he is robbed, hit by a drunk driver, or bitten by a stray dog, how did he bring this on himself if everything in life is a reflection from within? 

First, remember we are each on an eternally bespoke journey with Life the teacher. We are not just here to live a fulfilled and happy life, we are here first and foremost to learn in Earth’s classroom. No matter what happens in life your mindset should always be, what am I to learn from this? Should a man sign up to university, but never study or attend class, but spend his entire four years in the recreation room, he may have to sign up to that university again, but this time pays attention. If your life lesson is to learn how to overcome poverty, how will you do this if you are not first in poverty for a time? Then you will be equipped to instruct others on your path. If you’re here to learn to forgive, how will you become forgiving unless the most heinous crimes are not first committed against you?

Why do people go to the gym to work out? is it not to get their physical bodies into shape? They do this by lifting weights, those weights provide a negative force they need to lift until they become stronger, the practice of lifting weights builds stamina and strength. When we face adversaries in life this is like being in Lifes gym, and your adversary is like the negative weight you need to push past to get stronger. Your Positive Mental attitude is your spiritual body that you are reshaping by pushing past the negative weight of your adversary. Whatever trial you face be sure of two things, Earth is the classroom and you can overcome this.

Your private bespoke journey on earth serves the purpose of conditioning you to be the best eternal version of yourself possible. To be the very best version of yourself, your ‘will and determination to Love unconditionally‘ will be forged by trials and fire through Hell on Earth. You are shaping your thought process and your emotional response to conditions of LIFE during your journey on Earth, you will be born again, and again, and again until eventually deep in your subconscious mind unconditional Love is attained. Suicide simply prolongs the process because whatever situation brings a person to suicide will in some way be faced once again in their next life carnation.

Learning to meditate and being alone with your thoughts and convictions is of utmost importance, you don’t need validation from others over how you live your life, and at the same time avoid judging and criticizing how others live theirs. If you sow judging and criticizing others, then don’t be surprised by the reaping of being judged and criticized by others. Remember the Law of the mirror.

If your religion dictates you are correct and EVERYONE who does not believe as you do is wrong, you are the blind leading the blind. Toilet paper is of greater use to humanity than whatever “scriptures” you are peddling. Without your scriptures life continues just as it always has, but without toilet paper humanity is in a world of trouble. Let your religion be Love expressed through your thoughts and actions, Honour the scriptures you read by this.

If Love is the foundation of your thoughts, convictions, and actions, and if the well-being of all life around you drives you, who can hold anything against you? But if your bank balance is priority No.1 and you don’t care who or what you step on to increase your profit, you will live your life safeguarding against others who live with those exact same principles. Earth is the classroom where Life the Teacher is teaching, training, and Molding her students to participate with the rest of existence. Enjoy Life’s lessons and learn to trust in your own convictions.


Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie