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Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not judge you, Love perfects you. Why else do you think we exist? Love is infinite and eternal without beginning or end, so when you have an infinite eternal forever to play with what do you do?  Is the creation of a Conscious living Universe teaming with trillions of life forms that Consciousness could dive into and experience “SELF” difficult to believe? Life Force automatically fills each life form and so we exist.

Love is the Omnipresent existence of everyone and everything, Existence is a celebration, that Love is perfecting us because that is what Love does by very nature. So, in the same way, the sculpture will discard the wood shavings on the floor as they sculpt a masterpiece, Love keeps no records of your wrongs.  

For this reason, do not hold a person’s mistakes against them, let Love flow through you.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. The TRUTH is the reality of a situation despite whatever you think, feel or believe. The truth is the unmoveable mountain or the unstoppable force, behind the reality that will not, cannot and is impossible to be changed. Love does not deal with fabrications, make-believe, artificial or spin to lead people astray, but the joy of Love is in solid FACT and reality. Love will not lie, bear false witness, or pretend something is what it is not. Love will not break your Trust, be trustworthy and let Love flow through you.

Love always protects. Love by very nature is the protector of Life, Love’s purpose is that Life thrives and survives. Do you have an enemy? Understand your enemy is NOT Love’s enemy, however, Love’s very nature is to protect the life of your enemy. Wherever there is Life, Love’s very nature is to nourish, nurture, strengthen, educate and experience the bond between life force and life form. 

This is the best place to explain your dual nature, you are both divine and individual. Your individual self is concerned with unity with your ego self. Your divine self is one with existence. Your individual Love will protect whomever your ego determines should be protected, meaning there are those outsides of your protection. Divine Love is Omnipresent Love, meaning there is no such thing as “outside” of Loves protection. Love by very nature is the protector, provider, nourisher and nurturer of Life. Your enemies are not Love’s enemies, if you wish to raise yourself to divine Loves standards, Love even your enemies. Protect the Life around you letting Love’s purpose flow through you.

Love always trusts. Unconditional Love is solid static energy that does not change, trust is its nature, Love trusts you when you fail Love trusts you will get up again, when you mess up Love trusts you will persevere. There is no point in your existence Love quits on you. If you die in your failure, Love will reincarnate you and begin your lesson again. Love knows what you are made of, for Love made you, crafted you, knows your potential and trusts you. When you show an untrustworthy person Trust, you are showing them, Love, if they fail your trust, know it is Love they have failed not just you. Persevere in your Love, persevere in your trust, keep your wisdom close by, and don’t create unnecessary temptation, Love is not a stumbling block.

Love cannot be fooled, so when you trust, make sure you trust in the truth. Should you give a thief access to your money and trust them not to take it? Or should you trust the thief to be true to his or her nature? Therefore trust your instinct, trust your judgement, trust your insight, and don’t give your pearls away to pigs, but at the same time, with wisdom, give people the opportunity to grow and change.

When our trust is abused we owe it to ourselves to retreat and remove ourselves from the abusive situation. Divine trust isn’t something you give away, it is a level of confidence you reach. If you have or are experiencing an abusive relationship, receiving the necessary help and getting healing is much more priority than understanding or trusting the world around us.

Love always hopes. If a person is cast into Hell’s fire for all of eternity is there any hope left for them? If Love is omnipresent does that not mean Love would also have to be the fires of Hell because in order for Hell to exist it would need to be part of existence? Yes? That which brought you into existence will eternally hope in you. When this physical life is over you will find yourself face to face with Love, even then, no matter your life on Earth, Love will hope in you. This is the nature of Love eternal, so when you let hope in your heart, show the kind of hope you’d like people to have in you. And don’t fare Hell, it is a powerful myth that has captured the imagination of many.

Note: It is imperative this is understood. If you are in an abusive relationship, don’t keep yourself in harm’s way in the hope your partner will change. Abusive people often have psychological scars that could go back as far as childhood.  You can still “hope” your partner will change while getting yourself into a safe environment.  Don’t just hope for change do something about it.

Love always perseveres. Love is eternal, we see 00.0034% of the light spectrum, meaning we are unaware of 99.9966% of the reality around us. Omnipresent Love, Life and Mind are that unseen reality. Love will effortlessly persevere with your individuality forever. This statement is either true for everyone, or it is not true at all. People who are in Hell cannot say, Love is persevering with me. Nor can you say Love is not present in Hell, Love is Omnipresent. To say Love is omnipresent everywhere except “___”, would disqualify there being an “Omnipresent”. 

We live in a sea of Omnipresent Atoms, our observable universe is Omnipresent atoms as far as the eye can see and beyond. These atoms are conscious and aware, Consciousness is the defining factor behind the behaviour of each atom. Therefore we exist in a sea of living atoms, each governed by a conscious mind that has architected existence. You are one of trillions upon trillions of eternal beings designated to experience life in Lifeform. Earth is a classroom, Unconditional Love is the masterclass if you ever want to graduate from Earth’s classroom and never have to come back to this place.

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie