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Life is our Teacher: Part 2

Life is Omnipresent, in every atom, through every substance, in every thought, the invisible energy holding the universe together. From Life we came and to Life we return, but right now we are Life’s force experiencing physical low-density life forms. You are the conscious awareness possessing the body you are in, you are the ghost in the machine of your flesh. You are the Spirit of your being. What is death but the removal of the cloak that limits you to 5 senses, and once the cloak is removed you become awake, realizing this physical life was just a dream, an illusion that felt so real.

Why? for what purpose did we come to Earth, and what reason is there for such an existence? Recreation? Adventure? Education? Fantasy? Pleasure? Pain? In reality, there are things we experience in the human life forms that we could never experience in our real eternal lives. Not knowing who we are, having no concept of our identity, and being completely unaware of what tomorrow may bring, being a blank canvas, being powerless, weak, feeble, fearful, evil, and pathetic. These are states impossible to reach in the eternal realm because the eternal realm is complete and thorough LOVE.

However, it has come to my understanding that Life’s experience in the Human form serves a purpose of change. In the eternal realm, everything is permanent, there is no yesterday or tomorrow, everything is now. What was 12 billion years ago in the eternal realm is 100% exactly the same today in minute detail. But on Earth, nothing stays the same, everything changes minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and year by year there is a gradual and dramatic change. Even eternal Souls who dive into temporary life on Earth come out different than when they entered. This physical dimension allows growth, experience, change, mastery, and discipline.

You have entered Earth’s classroom to learn something, to experience something, but your lesson, your subject is bespoke between you and the Teacher, Life. In my very limited understanding I know Life is eternal, Love is eternal, and that Life is Love and Love is Life, so could Life in the flesh be a test to see who can be and live as Love in the flesh? Because to Live, a Life of Love in these last days is a difficult thing, one needs to be determined.

In the eternal realm, Love is everything everywhere forever and ever. But here in the physical realm where most believe they are actually their physical bodies, Love is a very rear thing to find. In the battle for the survival of the fittest Love makes no sense, people are devoted to the well-being of their meat suits paying little to no attention to the energy and frequency of their innermost being.

In these last days, all this is about to change, the old order of things is passing away, and as humanity wakes up to the reality we are eternal, Love will finally make her appearance in the hearts and minds of creation. Therefore Life is teaching you to Love, deeply, passionately, faithfully, forcefully, with loyalty, and without fear.

But this lesson is deep, loving your enemies is only possible if you have become one with divine Life, and becoming one with divine life means you will care for all life forms, the Ant, the frog, and the Bumble Bee, just as you care for all human beings. Anyone and anything with conscious life is the Creator experiencing creation from inside lifeforms. Until you see and understand this, and are deeply convinced this is the case, the “Love of your enemies” will remain the most difficult task.

However you treat anyone and anything, is how you treat the creator. Unconditional Love is the highest and most difficult calling in life. What many have failed to understand or recognize about Christ, he came into this world as a Son of LOVE, when he spoke he spoke as LOVE and what he demonstrated throughout his life was how to Love unconditionally. We go to God with our wants and needs praying for this and that, often wondering why our prayers do not get answered.

People feel confused when we read passages like John 15:7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you”. So they remain committed to the church, recite and memorize the bible, and think by this they are remaining in Christ, and by quoting scripture Christ’s words are remaining in them. So why are their prayers not being fulfilled?

If you remain in the Spirit of Love, If you love unconditionally all people around you, If you let Love express through your mortal body, If in your innermost being you wrestle with your anger and hatred, with a determination that you will express only what is beneficial, and that your anger, rage, and disgust will be quenched, THIS is remaining in Christ (despite you religion or lack of). If Love can love whomever Love wishes to Love through your being, then you can ask anything of Love and it will be done for you. If you look in the mirror and smile, your reflection smiles right back at you. But don’t think your religion qualifies you to receive anything you wish, only unconditional Love can qualify you to receive ANYTHING you wish.

Do I the author of these words Love unconditionally? No, this is my striving, this is my narrow path, my goal my desire. I am Life’s student, I have made many mistakes, but have kept my conscience clear and my heart open. I am nobody’s teacher, but Life has made clear to me my way forward, so I have shared these words in case someone seeking what I have been seeking my whole life may find comfort and guidance on their path.

If you remain in Unconditional Love and Unconditional Love’s words, thoughts and deeds remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you”. This is the real Law of attraction.

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie