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Life is our Teacher: Part 1

It is now known and understood that there is one Principle or Consciousness pervading the entire Universe in which everything exists. Before this universe came into being the Omnipresent, Omnipotent Omniscient consciousness had always been and will always be.

This Omnipresent Consciousness is the very Life Force sustaining all things. The study of Quantum science has proven atoms are conscious and aware of whether or not they are being observed. If each atom individually displays awareness, it is safe to say, ‘since everything in our observable surroundings is made from atoms, our existence is made from living matter‘.

Life & Consciousness are then one and the same, if you are alive you are conscious, if you are conscious you are alive. If atoms are conscious, they are alive, and since your house is made of Bricks, and those bricks are made from atoms, the very house you live in is made from living energy.

There is a Divine consciousness behind the scenes of existence, the architect and designer of all that exists. It is the very source of your being and the source of all. Some call this God or The Higher Power, throughout time many names have been given to the epicenter of existence, but the reality is it has no name, no shape, no form because it is all things. It is you, and everyone around you, and everything around you, every sound, every smell, every taste, everything that exists.

Life Force, or God, or Consciousness, Source energy, (whatever name you choose to call the creator of existence), is all in all, and YOU are simply the eternal cosmic life force experiencing a material life form. The DNA of the life form you are in will determine how you act and behave within the Life force.

We are each made up of the DNA from our Father, our Mother, our parent’s emotional mood at the time of our conception, the mental and emotional experiences our mother traveled through during our 9-month incubation, and the frequencies and energies of the planet and the time and space where we were born. These factors affect the physical bodies we are in. The Life force in you is YOU. You are not the body you are in, you are the very conscious Life experiencing the body you are in.

While you are alive in the body here and now, there are things that can benefit you greatly in the afterlife, and these are the things Life is teaching those who wish to learn. It is for these very lessons that Earth and Humanity exist. However, it is not imperative these lessons are learned, there is no condemnation or damnation for those who choose not to learn, for much in the same way Mount Everest exists and inspires some to climb it, not everyone cares to partake in that journey. Unconditional LOVE is the highest form of human consciousness, but not everyone is ready to Love their enemies and do good to the people doing evil, even before I wrote this I had to overcome the temptation of making a “missing person” out of the individual who stole my son’s phone. Nevertheless, Life is my teacher, and because I am making every effort to learn Life’s lessons, no harm will come to weak people through me.

Life is Alive and conscious and aware of everything happening inside itself.

Life and Consciousness are Omnipresent, this means the fabric of your thoughts is made up of conscious energy, and that very energy is The Creator.

Life and Consciousness are Omnipotent, meaning your ability to think, the galaxy’s ability to rotate, and the Universes ability to expand are all the effortless workings of the one Source. When a thought is being formed in your mind, the omnipresent energy that is all things is forming that thought for you on your behalf. If you understand what I have just stated here, it is for this reason, that I cannot compare the Biblical God to what I now know is the Force behind existence. Comparing a jealous God who condemns to Hell those who disobey his commands to the source of existence who is experiencing every atom in your being, who breathes you through the night as you sleep, who is waiting for you when this life is over, and whose Love for you endures forever, is a futile comparison.

Consider the oxygen around you, it sustains your physical life, but have you ever wondered if the oxygen knows who you are? Does oxygen know your name? does it know your thoughts? After all, we have already determined we are dwelling on a living breathing planet, and all of existence is made out of living, conscious matter. If you take the time to tune into the Life in and around you, you may begin to see Life as a field we are in.

When you see a fly or spider in your house, do you kill it or help it find a way out? If your instinct is to kill the intruder then there is a possibility this post will seem a bit ridiculous, talk of living Oxygen conscious and aware of who you are, does sound a bit absurd. But if your instinct is to protect that little life and get it to safety,  then I believe your relationship with Life is deep, you see Life as sacred, therefore Omnipresent Life that is in all, through all and is all things, is not a concept foreign to you.

Life force is not jealous because it possesses all things, it has no favouritism, and it answers the prayers of those who believe they will receive whether they call this Force God, Jehovah, Allah, Kristna, Jesus, YHWH, Buddha, Jah, Father, or Giant cheeseburger in the sky. In every religion under the Sun (there are over 4000 of them) you will find believers whose prayers are answered and the believer attributes the miracle to their god. There is only one force behind answered prayer and that force is behind the fabric of existence. Omnipresent Life is responsible for your consciousness and is with you forever, regardless of whatever you believe.

This Omniscient consciousness is your life and is your teacher.

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie