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Love is eternal without beginning or end, this is the Source of Origins.

Life is eternal without beginning or end, Life is Omnipresent and is the Omnipotent energy of Love.

Mind is eternal without beginning or end, Mind is the Omniscient knowledge of Love.

Love, Life & Mind are one, they have no beginning or end, Love, Life & Mind are omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. This is the great mystery behind existence and reality, the pondering has led to many philosophies, religions and concepts. Love, Life and Mind are bespoke to you, this Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent force is the materials and building blocks of what is uniquely you as an individual. The art of meditation is most useful for getting to know yourself, your nature and the nature of that which brought you into existence.

Love Life and Mind are your source and origins, they are the building blocks of your eternal self, but right here and now you can be anything you choose to be, and who you are at this precise moment in time is who you have subconsciously chosen to be whether you like it or not.

Love is Eternal, without Beginning or End. Love has a nature, actions that are a direct byproduct of LOVE, as we practice these actions we allow Love nature to flow through our being, and the more accustomed to Loves nature we become. When we oppose love’s nature the same will happen, the more foreign we become to Love’s nature, the less our ability to tap into love’s nature.

Love is patient, in reality, Love’s patience endures forever. This disqualifies the notion of Eternal Hell. Love is patient with you, enduring your weakness, slowness to learn, hypocrisy, all character weaknesses and all the while grooming you for perfection. Imagine for a moment, forever, this is how long the eternal creator will work with you, omnipresent around you, silently observing the tiniest detail stored in your subconscious mind, forever, as you carnate life after life, as your conscious Levels of Love surface quicker and stronger, until you achieve the mind of Christ, (or the mind of Buddha, Mohammed, Kristna or any enlightened mind you recognise as divine in your culture) Love is patient.

Be patient with others and let Loves nature flow through you.

Love is kind. The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate: Think of newborns from any species, they are playful, gentle, friendly, and curious. All species share the exact same life force throughout existence, the only difference being the DNA code in the atoms of the life form. Kindness is therefore a universal language of Love understood by all, so Be kind to others, meaning all species and life forms and let Love’s nature flow through you.

Love does not envy: The person who wants what you have will absorb you with their greed and lust. The person who Loves you feels genuine happiness and joy at your success and reward. Not only this, they are willing to sacrifice to add to your success and reward. If you see someone and feel you want what they have, then your focus is on your own appetite not on their joy. When you feel envy, close your eyes and sacrifice your envy, put your envy to death so that Love’s nature can flow through you.

Love does not boast: When you are successful close your eyes and internalise how good this feels, how beautiful this moment is. Study it, memorise it, internalise it, and make yourself magnetic for more and more energy like this. Do not let this energy out of your mouth with boasting and bragging, don’t make anyone wish failure on you, rather, keep the wishes of others on your success. Keep your success your secret so that Love’s nature can flow through you. Everyone is on their own bespoke journey with Love, failure is a part of life’s lesson, and your success can be a distraction for the untrained mind. Love is not a stumbling block.

Love is not proud: Love is perfect, the perfectionist with fine-tuning, will readjust, correct, reevaluate, retouch, and remain open to correction, criticism, and if needed deletion and starting again from scratch. The proud mind cannot handle corrections and criticisms, so is unopen to change. Keep an open mind, therefore, remaining humble so that Love’s lessons can flow through you.

Love does not dishonour others: Love has nothing negative to say about you behind your back. When you are speaking about ANYONE behind their back you are in the process of teaching the Universe how you wish to be treated. So use the kind of energy you want to come back to you. Behind the backs of others be true to Love’s nature and Loving nature will safeguard your reputation. 

Love is not self-seeking. { ARTICLE COMING SOON!!! }

Love is not easily angered. But the main point here is can love become angry? Not easily. But a frail woman would fight a Bear if it attacked her child, her Loving instinct would be to protect the life of her child, and if that protection came out in a fit of rage, the argument can be made her Love was angered. But if a partner should catch their partner cheating, it is not their “Love” that becomes angry, it is their hurt pride, bruised ego, damaged trust, and self-esteem. But Love is a constant infinite flow of Life and everything that protects life, the only thing the wronged partner can do to put Love into practice is anything that “protects” the life of the unfaithful partner.  Even if that means “going to another city and booking yourself into a hotel until you cool down”, if that action protects a life, then you have let Loves nature flow through the situation. 

Love lets go and set’s free: Love is not jealous or possessive, love gives freedom. So guard your heart if someone you desire desires someone else. The two paths before you are that of Lust and Love. Lust is not bad, it is a driving force, and motivation, and can carry momentum, Love is the constant energy that protects life. The path of Lust is colourful and bright, full of flavour, invention, entertainment, fashion, and competition, it can also lead to crimes of passion, even as subtle as trying to sabotage a love rival’s hopes. The path of Love would consider the hopes and dreams of all parties involved, and take a path most beneficial for all.

Step back set free and observe, who is by your side?

Give people the freedom in life to choose their path, and make obvious your position. If you set someone free and they return to you, they’re by your side from the desire of their heart. The person by your side for any other motive may eventually be looking for an escape.

Give people their freedom and let Loves energy flow through you.




Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie