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Welcome to ICU Online an entertainment platform for the children of Love’s Intelligent Conscious Universe. 

We are passionate about life and we want to connect with like-minded people and celebrate life to its fullest. This website is our way of sharing with the world the things we are passionate about, in the hope that we thoroughly entertain and engage with individuals who share the same zeal and zest for life as we do. 

The consistent theme running throughout the site is Love. Whether it is an exploration of what Love is or just expressing passions for activities and pastimes we love, or looking at better ways to express love, this beautiful vibrant energy is the reason this website exists. We treat Love as though LOVE is God, so whether you are immersed in nature, relaxing on the beach, playing video games, listening to or making music, or cruising down the highway, we aim to master the art of Love and inspire others to do the same.

We sincerely hope you enjoy all the content and services we provide. Feel free to contact us to let us know your experience with ICU Online TV. 

Log on | Tune in | Chill out

Log On: Open your mind and become aware of the Omnipresent Intelligent Conscious Universe in which we all live, breathe, and have our being. This conscious energy surrounds us, is inside us, and breathes as we breathe, it is our conscious awareness and is our existence.

Tune In: This Conscious energy is pure Omniscient powerful unconditional LOVE, but the only way to experience the beauty of the consciousness that surrounds us is to tune ourselves into Love’s frequency of thought, this is not a cult or a Hippy movement, but just a Master Key to open the doors to the most beautiful vibrant life you can secretly live in your personal private world.

Chill Out: Once Loves energy hits you and fills you up, enjoy.

Earth is our classroom, we are learning to live the life we love & love the life we live, we live life passionately, joyfully, humbly and inspirationally. The purpose of this website is to share this journey with as many who wish to share it with us.

Merge Counselling: As positive and vibrant as we make things sound we are fully aware we live in a broken world with many broken souls. It is difficult for a person to “heal themselves” without the right mindset, we are sponsored by Merge Counselling which specialises in helping abusive people overcome abusive behaviour, and has dealt with domestic violence issues for over twenty years. Through ICU Online Merge wishes to build a community of survivors, people who have overcome the trauma of abuse. When you can smile in your heart again, then your smile will be radiant.

The Global Mind Healing Company: Casey Forster has joined our ranks, she is a mind healing specialist, there are individuals missing out on their best days because they have been victims of abuse, Casey’s mission is to help the individual heal from the inside out, so that their best days are not a thing of the past, but their present-day and their future.