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Welcome to ICU Online LTD’s business and entertainment hub. 

Passionate about life? We want to connect with people ready to celebrate life to the fullest.  ICU Online TV is our way of sharing with the world the things we are passionate about, in the hope that we thoroughly entertain and engage with individuals who share the same zeal and zest for life as we do. 

ICU Online TV is a collaborative effort where professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists and others have pooled their resources to offer a diverse mix of great content and business services.

We sincerely hope you enjoy all the content and services we provide. Feel free to contact us to let us know your experience with ICU Online TV. 

Log on, Tune in and Chill out with ICU Online TV.   You’ve got plenty of options!


  • Web Hosting (Launching January 2021): With ICUWebhosting we offer competitive pricing for domain names, web hosting space, dedicated server space, we also offer tools to build your own websites. You can also buy SSL certificates, Website security, SEO Marketing and much more. We also have a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 should you require assistance with any of our products or services.


  • Shopping (Launching November 2020): Having built a number of eCommerce websites for clients, in 2020 we have decided to turn our demo eCommerce site into a fully functional business. Most of our products will be catering to healthy living lifestyles, hobbyists, fashions and gadget and gizmo lovers. 


  • E-Learning (Launching 2021): During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, concern grew in our community over children and schooling. Many parents felt confused about whether or not to send their kids back to school. A few of our peers approached us and suggested we support the homeschooling efforts on our platform by creating an eLearning hub, collaborating with teaching professionals in our community. Currently, we are creating curriculums aimed at children aged from 4 to 13, covering subjects such as Maths, English and Science. We aim to Launch this service by Fall 2021.


  • Video Gaming (Launching October 31 2020): Many of us behind the scenes of ICU Online LTD are avid gamers, so creating ICUGamer was inevitable. Usually, gaming is what we do in our downtime, but we have decided to review games and are now looking for partnerships with specific development teams selling their games via our network and eventually setting up our own ICUGamer tournaments. This is in development so stay tuned and see what we bring to the table this fall.

For The Love Of Motors

  • For The Love of Motors: FTLOM If you have seen the original Fast & Furious, then you have a little insight into what our CEO gets up to in the evenings and weekends. In Partnership with Mark Wolf of South East Customz For the Love of Motors is a behind the scenes look at the UK’s very real customised and modified car community. 


  • Holiday Destination: (Due to covid19 this project is currently on hold) We often feel the need to get away and see the rest of the World. Starting with Group Tour Jamaica we are partnering with Tour companies around the Caribbean, to offer exclusive holiday packages to our ICUOnline members. More details will be available after our official launch.


  • Web TV: We are filmmakers, artists and writers. WebTV is currently in development and will be launched in early 2021. If you wish to know more about Web TV contact Pablo G McKenzie, pablo@icuonline.tv. 

We have just one life to live, we live it passionately, joyfully, humbly and inspirational. The purpose of this website is to share this journey with as many who wish to share it with us.