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Imagine with us for a moment, a world without fear, where no one was afraid of being homeless, of being harmed or killed. A world where everyone was vibrant, positive and optimistic.

Imagine a world where religious differences were celebrated and seen as an opportunity to learn, where the concept of “God” leads to the practice of unconditional love and patience, tolerance and a deeper understanding of each other and our cultural practices.

Imagine a world without war, without weapons, without poverty, famine, or crime, a world without prejudice, without racism, without slavery, without child abuse, without the need for prisons or courts.


Inside our minds can be the most beautiful place in existence, but out here in the real world it is survival of the fittest, the strong survive and the weak perish. Or so we are lead to believe. There is a conscious battle for our minds, we are taught by society and the media nice guys finish last and goodness equals weakness. But what if enough like-minded individuals came together not to change the whole world, but to change their own individual world, and create a mental space where all the goodness of humanity can not only survive, but thrive.

We hope this platform serves the purpose of contributing to the dreamers who imagine this world as a better place.

Earth is our Classroom | Life is our Teacher | Love is the Lesson | Selfless is the Key

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Earth is our Classroom