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What have you got to lose?

We are alive but for a moment, and are gone for a very long time. What is your passion? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? When you know what drives you, you have the direction to keep that drive alive. The team behind ICU Online is diverse and therefore this platform may seem to be going in many directions, but it is only moving forward in one direction, LOVE!

We Love motors, we love driving and we love cars, there is a very real Fast & Furious community. Working alongside Marky Wolf of South East Customz we have very deep connections in the UK’s underground car scene. We are embedded very deeply into this community and can go where cameras are not welcome, but why are we there? In time you will hear about the Kudo Knights, veterans of the modified car scene, and drivers who have love, passion, and honor. Could one of those Knights be a member of ICU Online?

We Love Health, a healthy body and a healthy mind add to the quality of life. We are fortunate to have a few health gurus in the mix letting us know how our bodies work, what effects different types of food have on us, and what kind of exercises we can do from home. If you love the body you are in and take care of it while you are young, then it will take care of you when you are old.

We Love Learning, and the ability to learn is something vital to life, we are always learning and adapting, and our learning hub is designed to keep learning interesting and engaging. When you lose the ability to learn you lose the ability to grow and keep pace with a rapidly changing and developing world.

We Love Business and being solution-oriented in our thinking. This has led to most of the services we offer and the structure and design of ICU Online. The ICU Online team all works from home or the nearest beach as long as there is a wifi hot spot.

We Love Honour & Respect. We are very fortunate to be a team of like-minded individuals with similar values, and our CEO has put his thoughts down in the gentleman’s code. Sometimes the content of character is more valuable than the size of your purse or wallet, there are some things money just can’t buy.

We Love Life.

If you have a passion, a goal, or a dream, then make a plan, and GO FOR IT!

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