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We live and exist in a sea of atoms, this is not an idea, but a scientific fact. Each atom is conscious and aware, again this is not an idea, but a scientific fact re-discovered* in 1801 by British polymath Thomas Young. Therefore we live and exist in a sea of conscious and aware atoms. These conscious aware atoms are Omnipresent in our existence, and as the study of atoms began to captivate scientists from all over the globe, the question arose “what is the defining factor that determines how each individual atom behaves?” In other words, why are some atoms gas, others liquid, and still others material such as wood, iron, clay, rock, etc? Why do some atoms compile to make inanimate objects and other atoms compile to make living breathing creatures, as all things throughout our Universe are a compilation of atoms, what is the defining factor of the atom? What determines how each atom behaves and what it will be?

In 1964 the Higgs field was first theorized and in 2011 the Higgs Boson field was discovered. Here is a brief Science lesson in case these subjects are foreign to you.

Why the brief science lesson? There has come a time when Spirit and Science have overlapped. And this overlap has occurred because of the scientific discovery of omnipresence. Yet the understanding of the word Omnipresence dates back to 700 BC Rome whose citizens spoke Medieval Latin, where the word Omnipresent was first used (omnipraesentem ) to describe a presence that was Everything Everywhere.

Even though the word “Omnipresent” is not found in the Bible, nor is it a biblical concept, the Romans had a need to describe something that was Everything Everywhere. 700 years before the days of Christ on Earth, Romans were discussing Omnipresence, the mystery of creation seems to be a topic that is as old as humanity. The description of omnipresent consciousness means the consciousness present in every atom is unified. Consciousness is therefore the defining factor determining the function of each individual atom. Meaning the omnipresent conscious mind is responsible for the reality in which we exist. If you stop and look around you, everything you can see, hear, smell, touch and interact with IS the Omnipresent conscious mind in action. What scientists call the Higgs Boson field, spiritual men and women have called The Great Spirit for thousands of years, that which is in all, through all and is all things.

In claiming that the Universe is Alive, conscious, and aware, intelligently forming the reality of existence around us, there is actually scientific data to back up the spiritual claims we are existing in a Living, breathing, intelligent, conscious and aware reality. But Why do we exist?

It is agreed there is but one conscious awareness, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotence throughout the Universe, this conscious awareness is the invisible field of atoms, each atom is highly intelligent, and if you take time to think about it, what allows a digital signal to travel from London UK to Space, bounce off a Satalite and reach NewYork enabling two people to have an instant real-time face to face conversation using Skype, Zoom or any other app? The above video displayed how the field of atoms interacts with information, and this is by intelligent design. There is a conscious mind behind the atom, and each individual atom has its own consciousness. And just as the atom is conscious and aware, so too are you conscious and aware, atoms exist to create reality, and YOU exist to experience reality. What is the point of reality, existence, if it is not experienced? This is your eternal purpose, this is what you are, the experiencer of creation, this too is by intelligent design.

We live in such an intelligently designed Universe, but why is there so much war on Earth? why are there so many violent crimes, murders, rapes, robberies, and corruption at the highest levels? It is written: Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. I believe we now live in a time where the “Love of humanity” has grown cold in many hearts. You can find many outstanding individuals whose Love still burns bright, looking after the poor and needy, taking care of the weak and wounded, and showing mercy to enemies and wicked people. To understand wickedness one would need to understand the Almighty Ego that is filled with fear. To combat the wickedness in humanity each individual would need to tune into the creative Love that exists inside every atom of our beings and also understand the most powerful part of “Self” is the unconditional Love determining every atom in our being. But what is Love?

Is not Love the protection of Life? If there is one eternal Life force omnipresent throughout existence, and this Life force is the conscious intelligence in all atoms, Love is the intelligent science that translates that omnipresent invisible life force into atomic physical life forms. Love is the source of everything that sustains physical Life in all things and beings. Love creates all conditions to sustain life, the ecosystem, Sunlight, Oxygen, foods, nourishment, immune systems, and a long list of details behind the scenes of our physical existence, Love is the source of conscious awareness in your mind. If you were to meet an alien from another star system, it exists because Love was sustaining its Life enabling it to exist, this is the condition of all living things throughout the entire Universe from expanse to expanse.

Therefore the function of anyone working in harmony with Love will be to protect and sustain Life. To live in a manner that extinguishes life is to live in contradiction to Love’s eternal laws, which exist to sustain life. The human condition is a choice between two polarities, we either live for love (sustaining harmonious living conditions for life) or against love (extinguishing harmonious living conditions for life). To live in harmony with Love is to live in harmony with the Omnipresent Life force behind existence, and all a person needs to live in harmony with love is common sense, it’s not a complicated path.


Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie