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Love yourself:

Tune into your light, what do you love the most about yourself?

What is it that makes you uniquely YOU? Think about that.

You are the salt of the Earth. But if salt were to lose its saltiness what use would it be? You are uniquely you, you have your own flavour, and you are an ingredient that has stepped into this world. But what’s your flavour? Because if you lose your flavour what use will you be to the world around you?

Who cooks without salt? If salt had no flavour would you use it? Maybe for something else other than cooking, where the flavour is not required. There are those who want you for their manual labour, but please check your personality and character at the door. You are not welcome but your time energy and effort are. Some get their self-esteem from our position in the cog, often dumping on those below the exact same crap that came from above.

You are an Individual, uniquely you, there is no need to destroy who you are unless your natural disposition is harmful to the world around you. If you feel the urge to take advantage of those weaker than you if you feel the need to abuse people, bully them, hurt them, or make them feel lesser than yourself, it is very important you recognise your own behaviour is warped. How you treat others reflects what is going on in your own mental dialogue. If you are abused as a child and have blocked these memories out, how could that mental energy release itself in your adult life? There is no harm or weakness in seeing a counsellor, they are trained to see what lies beneath the surface of your mind, helping you to identify emotional scars or wounds from the past that could still be affecting you now.



Love your heart, protect your inmost being, and don’t just give yourself away to anyone. We live in a time that people are ready to use you up and drain the very core of your being just to feed their own ego.

Love yourself enough to not be a victim of bullying or verbal or physical abuse.

Love yourself enough to walk away from toxic relationships and toxic people. You don’t owe anything to anyone unless you gave birth to them or they gave birth to you. And even if someone is your immediate relative no one in existence anywhere has the right to physically or emotionally harm you.

Love yourself enough to deflect guilt manipulation. Develop a good strong relationship with your conscience. Your conscience is an invisible Integrity around your entire being, strengthen this integrity by following your conscience.

Love yourself enough to develop keen listening skills, and learn to listen with your eyes and your heart. Aim not to be gullible, bitter or live life wounded. Pay attention to who acts in your best interest and who acts shady around you. Love yourself enough to trust your intuition.

Love yourself enough to not abuse yourself, do not beat yourself up, forgive yourself for your errors, and remember you are a student in life, and you will make mistakes.

Think of the person on Earth you feel the most Love for, and be willing to do for yourself whatever you would do for them.

Now think of the person you dislike the most, and be willing to do for them whatever you would do for yourself, this is the Master class.

You are tapping into the Source of existence, pure undiluted raw omnipotent Love, this Love thoroughly passionately Loves every atom in existence. If this Love flows through your conscious mind you could love every atom of your existence, your personality, your character, your warts and all, for this is how you are loved by Life. But if Source loves everything inside itself, then Source loves everyone and everything you can see, hear and interact with. As you love yourself with all your heart mind would and strength, keep in mind the Master Class is the ability to Love the world around you without judging it, condemning it, or being corrupted by it.

If you cannot Love yourself how can Love flow through you? Being a people pleaser is not letting Love flow through you, because Love seeks no validation and needs no reward, Love simply is and consistently protects Life by very nature.

Love yourself enough to protect the friendships in your life. Treat each friendship as though the friendship itself is a living conscious being. It will need sunlight and water just like a plant, your care and attention.

There is a belief that mankind is born naturally sinful, and that Hell awaits everyone not washed by the blood of Christ. Don’t worry about people who believe such things, just remember Christ reminds you to become like the innocent child, Learn as children learn, and love as children love, If we are born evil, why use Children as an example of behaviour? Instead, accept that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, amazing inside and out.

Now take some time and write on a bit of paper the 10 things you appreciate about yourself the most.

Love you, fill up those love tanks until they overflow, and understand everything outside of you is Loved by our creator.



Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie