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The UK modified car scene has many groups, there are well over a thousand car clubs up and down the country. ICU Online TV is fortunate to be affiliated with The Wolf Pack, Marky Wolf’s car crew based in South East London and once per month we travel to the South East Customz Park and Pose meet.

At these events are many makes and models of vehicle painstakingly cared for by their owners, on show, to be appreciated by other car owners.

Saturday morning before a car meet, I drive down to the jetwash making sure to get everything including the alloy wheels thoroughly cleaned, after I shammy leather her dry it’s time for a wax and polish. Then I clean my tires, vacuum the interior, polish my dash and trim, clean and polish my engine bay then finally, clean the interior and exterior glass and mirrors. This whole process can be done within the hour, but sometimes the appreciation runs so deep it takes two or three. The slow drive back to my place after my ride is detailed is very satisfying, I enjoy catching my reflection in the glass on buildings as I drive by.  Now we wait for the evening and the cruise down to tonight’s car meet, I hope for good weather and a great turn out.

Park and Pose events are where car lovers with a deep appreciation for their rides meet and admire each others vehicles.  All walks of life come to these meetings, Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Accountants, Religious, Atheists, White, Black, Asian all with only one thing in common, their deep Love of Motors.


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