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Love is Supreme, Love is Perfect.

Concerning Religion.

Once you have tasted religion, drank from its rules, eaten its laws and consumed its regulations you will either be made well and whole or become sick and dead inside. A soul’s journey with the creator is a bespoke affair, there is no “one size fits all belief system” because life is extremely complex with many individual unique circumstances.

The thought that there is one book, one path, and one religion for the entire human race is fantastic foolishness to me, I suggest it requires a huge amount of gullibility to believe that to be the case. That being said if you have found a religion that works for you, a way of life that fulfils you and you consider yourself to be happy, blessed and satisfied, I suggest you stop reading now, these words are not for you. Let me emphasise, that if you are happy, fulfilled and found purpose in your belief, stop here, your curiosity might damage your faith. Should someone without diarrhoea take Imodium plus they might end up constipated.

If you continued reading then good for you, note, that my words are from my own experience. I doubt you could ever believe what I believe unless religion had crushed your will to live, thus my words are for the broken in spirit, those who would rather die than taste religion again.

This is what Life has taught me.

From Love I came, to Love I will return, so do not lose what I am in this journey on Earth. Look at the infant of any species, who fears a lion cub, or a baby bear. though when fully grown these are ferocious predators, as infants we wish to cuddle them and they will cuddle us right back. When Life Force comes to Earth no matter the species its very nature is playful, gentle, happy and joyful because the very nature of the Life-force is Love. All Life is from love and returns to Love. The Life form, however, is temporary and the consciousness formed by the union of Life Force in Life Form is a bespoke journey.

You, I and everything in existence is nothing more than Life Force being expressed through Life Form.

Life is universal, Love is universal, just as Light is universal, but religion and Gods are nothing more than Brands. There is no such thing as a universal religion, therefore there will NEVER be a religion capable of bringing World Peace to this earth, on the contrary, all religions are capable of bringing is war and more war. It is the very nature of religion because religions create Them and Us.

Jehovah has his Jews, and those who are not Jews are Gentiles, pagans and Heathens. (Them and Us).

Allah has his Muslims, and those who are not Muslims are Infidels and kefir. (Them and Us).

Christ has his Christians, and those who are not Christians are the Lost, non-Christians. (Them and Us).

God has his believers, and those who do not believe are Atheists. (Them and Us).

As long as there is Them on one side and Us on the other, we have room for conflict.

It has also been said, God is Love. Please tell Goliath God is Love, tell King Saul God is Love, tell any of the Philistines or residents of Jericho who were driven from their homes and the land God is Love or anyone who has been on the receiving end of God’s wrath that God is Love. Tell any animal sacrificed to atone for some human’s sin that God is Love, tell anyone condemned to Hell for all eternity that God is Love and you will probably find millions upon millions of individuals confused as to what Love actually is.

But what if the saying was wrong, what if the correct wording is that Love is God?

What if Love is the creative force behind existence? And Gods are all just imposters seeking their own glory? After all, do you think Omnipotent compassion could punish and torture a soul for all eternity? For I am talking about the divine Love, not a power-seeking narcissist that needs you quaking in fear and trembling.

It has been said, the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, well, I have no fear of God whatsoever, none, why? Because Wisdom has helped me understand that “Perfect Love drives out all fear”, therefore I cannot have perfect Love AND fear, even fear of God. Either I have a perfect love or I fear God, but I cannot do both. Does the baby nursing on his mother’s breast fear her? Does he have a reason to fear her? or is he filled with confidence the one feeding him could never harm him?

So what is Perfect Love?

Very Early in the Morning while it is still dark, step outside and find a solitary place, from where you can observe the Sunrise. As the morning sun rises you will note, that the Sun is the Light of the Earth and sheds light over the entire earth without discrimination. The Sun’s light is not just for the Jews, the Muslims, or the Christians but for all humans regardless of beliefs. But the Sunlight does not stop there, It shines its light on every creature, in the sky, on the ground, in the sea, The Sun illuminates the entire Earth and everything in it with its beautiful majestic Light.

Perfect Love is no different. If one understands LOVE is God and fills themselves up with the Love responsible for creation and existence, then such a Love is not just for the Jews, the Muslims, or the Christians but for all humans regardless of beliefs. But Perfect Love does not stop there, It shines its love on every creature, in the sky, on the ground, in the sea, a Perfect Love illuminates the entire Earth and everything in it with its beautiful majestic force.

If Love is your religion then you have truly found the source of life, but If your God has a name you have found nothing but an Idol. I say this because what is truly Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent by nature is nameless, formless and without beginning or end, but everything named has its beginning.

If Love is your way of life there is no God outside of yourself to seek, this Power is IN you, it is your source, it beats your heart for you, breathes your lungs for you, carries your thoughts for you, it moves your body around as it does for every living thing in existence because Love is the Omnipresent Force behind existence.

If you love only those who love you, you have not found the perfect love that created the Universe and existence, you have simply found the love of the world no different from that of religions that love their own. A perfect Love takes care of its enemies and has no enemies.

Love is Bespoke, your walk with Love is bespoke to you, and this is the Only Law, rule or command Perfect Love gives you. “Treat others the way you would wish to be treated”, is the golden rule of existence and is applicable to all life forms.

Some will tell you God has his words written in a book, these are the Laws and commands we must live by. It has been said, “The Word of God is Living and Active, sharper than a double-edged sword, separating soul and Spirit, penetrating joint and marrow”. Yes, this is true, Loves words are alive and active, they are spoken by your actions, they cannot lie, your actions are a universal language understood by all, there is no need for translation or an interpreter, your actions are the universal language understood by all nations, all species, even the animals will understand you when your actions speak love. Even the Dog knows who loves it. Therefore one who puts Love into practice allows the creator to speak and express through them.

Is the Love in your heart like the Light of the morning sun? Brilliant, Bright, without prejudice, without malice, shining on all of creation, shining on all creatures, all of existence. This is the only path to world peace when all individuals take a look inside themselves and realise we all have Love Universal dwelling inside us, Love is experiencing us as we experience life, breathing us while we breathe.

Unfortunately, we do not engage with the unconditional universal Love in our hearts, we do not exercise and strengthen our Love. Many of us have not even activated our Love, we fail to even understand what love is, we use people and love things.

There are some who are too weak to Love and are filled with hate. They hate you because you have a different religion, a different god, a different skin colour, or a different political belief, the hate fills their mind and lowers their vibration. If you can hate your fellow man, your Love is very weak, no stronger than the passing of flatulence, but if you have the capacity to love even your enemy, your Love is powerful and life-changing.

So this should be your mindset, LOVE is God, thus if the creative force has a name, it is LOVE, when you pray, you are praying to LOVE, who is not up in the sky above the clouds, but is inside your very heart causing it to beat, inside your lungs causing them to breathe, inside your mind allowing you to think, inside the tree causing it to grow, inside the snail, the birds, the oxygen, inside all creation Omnipresent.

As for you, if you have read this far I have a challenge for you. Walk with Love, get to know your Love, it is in your heart, it is in your mind, it is yours, you own it, now strengthen it. Be unified with the morning Sunshine and shine your Love upon whoever Father Sun shines his Light. Be Fearless and strive for Perfect Love, and ask for perfect wisdom, because applying Love to fools (those who try to use you and take advantage of you) is a difficult task.

Learn to be Love. Love is Supreme, Love is Perfect.


Earth is our classroom

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie

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