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When you pray: continued…

On earth, as it is in heaven: Your outer world is Earth, your inner world is Heaven. Your outer world is the effect, your inner world the cause. Whatever you want in the outer world you must first create in the inner world. Clean the inside of the jar and the outside becomes clean also. But how do you create Heaven in your inner world? Understand the Kingdom of God is inside you, meditate on this, think about this, and believe it to be true. Next, let your actions reflect your belief. What is it that you believe?

As it is within you so it is outside you, as it is in your heaven so it is in your Earth, as above so below. Whatever is bound in Heaven is bound on Earth, whatever is lost in Heaven is lost on earth. For some their Hell on Earth is caused by the hell in their inner world. We create our outer world based on the conditions of our inner world. But some, abused as children, don’t have the faintest idea of how to create Heaven in their inner world. This is where the children of Love step in, to show and express LOVE without the need for recognition.

When you do good deeds what is your motive? If your purpose in life is to promote your religion, then the soul you are trying to reach or “help” is not really going to receive the help they need unless they comply with your conversion requirements. Only the real Christian could show the exact same Love to the Muslim, the Jew or Atheist as he would his fellow Christian, only the real Muslim could show the exact same Love to the Christian, the Jew or Atheist as he would his fellow Muslim. But if your purpose is that people find the Omnipresent power within them, you know once they find the source within them, they will not need anything from you whatsoever, not even your religion.

If you have it in your heart to let the world around you breathe, then you have freedom in Heaven and freedom on Earth. If you are trying to force or convince another soul to believe what you believe, then you have constrictions in Heaven and constrictions on earth. Do I wish people to believe what I believe? I can only write these things because of the journey I’ve had. I do not wish that journey on anyone. If you have the ability to believe what I believe you have my utmost respect, I wonder what Life has put you through? If you consider my beliefs codswallop, I salute you and take no offence whatsoever, because there was a time I would’ve considered what I now believe codswallop.


Give us this day our daily bread: If you meditate every day on the Father within you, what will your spiritual condition be? The path of unconditional Love is a daily discipline. Your physical body becomes in shape when you work out, then becomes out of shape when you stop working out. Your Spiritual body is the same, Christ consciousness is formed in your heart and mind when you focus on allowing Loves energy to express through you, but if you allow the way of this world to dim your light you will eventually revert to whatever mindset you had before you began this path.


Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors: The Law of Karma is this, whatever energy, spirit, mind, or intentions you express will return to you with measure. When you smile in the mirror, does your reflection frown? It gives you exactly what you express.

Life is a little more complex than the mirror but the principle is the same, how you treat the person who sins against you is how the person you’ve sinned against should treat you. Would you have your enemy tortured and stripped? Understand your enemy has the fullness of Life, Love and Mind eternal saturating their entire being. Whatever you express Life, Love and Mind will bring back to you in kind. If you express no mercy, you are praying to the Source to be shown no mercy, if you express compassion, you are expressing and praying to the source for compassion. Remember the language of Life is “actions”.

Lead us not into temptation: Your Intuition, your sixth sense, your gut feelings, learning to trust your own mind as your own internal guide. The Father will train you through you, will teach you through you, will guide you through you and lead you through you once you understand that the fullness of the creator dwells within you, and all the answers to Life are within you. The person unaware the creator Lives inside creation is looking outside themselves for the answers to Life. But one fully aware of the GIANT within will only look inside to find the path to travel through life. One who has found spring water will not be tempted to drink sewage water.

Deliver us from evil: We are all on the exact same cosmic journey with Life eternal, but we are all at different Levels. Some souls are older than this Universe, some Souls are younger than the Earth. It is possible for a trillion-year-old Soul to be born into this world through a woman whose Soul is less than a hundred years old. And on Earth, the young Soul is the Mother of the very old Soul. I believe such a situation is for the benefit of the old soul, to learn to pray, to learn to forgive, to learn compassion, humility, and a wealth of character attributes that help one person forgive another person who does not have a clue what they are doing or how things work.

Evil is when we allow our path to move polar opposite of Life and Love. Evil is Hatred and Death, and through meditation and prayer, we each must find a path in our hearts and mind that keeps us away from expressing Evil. Imagine you will be swallowed up completely by whatever you express, your enemy is whoever will go out of their way to consume your soul with hatred and violence. But it is up to you to demand a path through life for yourself that rescues you from the evil inside you, an Evil that should never be expressed.

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Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie


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