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As you pursue different endeavours in life, do you have what it takes to push through when things get tough?  Do you have what it takes to make your dreams a reality?  It’s easy to start the race; here are 3 traits you need to make it to the finish line.

A clear focus on what you’re trying to achieve is a key component to success.  It’s okay if the details are fuzzy; you can work them out as you move forward.  But a clear focus allows you to concentrate your energy where it’s most needed, while setting aside distractions that will only get in the way.  When you have a clear focus on something, you can fix your eyes on your target, commit to it, and wholeheartedly pursue it.

Once you have a clear focus, you need faith to believe that you’ll succeed in achieving it.  You might still experience doubts, fears, and uncertainty; but you don’t let this stop you.  Faith means holding on to the belief that you’ll see things through, even though it isn’t a visible reality yet.  For those times when your faith waivers, draw on the support of people close to you who can help build you up and offer encouragement.

Perseverance is defined as “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.”  It’s easy to move forward when the road is clear and everything seems to be falling into place, but what happens when you run into challenges and setbacks?  This is when perseverance comes into play, as you make the effort to continue pushing through.

It’s the tough times in life that “test your mettle” and reveal what you’re truly made of.  If you keep your focus, cling to your faith, and persevere through the difficulties, you’ll make it to the finish line, and you’ll cross it as a stronger and better person.

Susan Knight
Author: Susan Knight

Susan Knight is a freelance writer who writes on many topics, but specializes in covering all things related to health and wellness. She loves to see people get the information and tools they need to make changes and live healthier, happier lives. Susan is also a certified holistic nutrition and wellness coach and frequently draws on that background in her health writing. Learn more about her freelance services at

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