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What inspires you to trust another person? Trust can be a strength of character and also a weakness, it is a connection to your innocence and vulnerability. If we put our trust in another person, that becomes our own choice and decision, if that person chooses to honor that trust, this is out of our control. If a person’s trust has been damaged they can lose their innocence and vulnerability and become wary, therefore it is in every true Gentleman’s code to always protect trust.

Don’t give pearls to pigs, don’t give your trust away, even the banks watch how you handle your account before they give you credit. Make sure a person is worthy of your trust before you give it, and never expect anyone just to trust you, many people have been scammed, conned, been cheated on, or lied to, they are no longer vulnerable and are wary of life. Such a person will not suffer fools but will have time for a Gentleman. Because The Gentleman is trustworthy.

In Order for other people to put their trust in you, YOU must first put trust in yourself. Are you on time? Do you keep your promises? Do you pay your debts? Is your word your bond? Do you know how to keep your mouth shut? A Gentleman can say yes because a Gentleman is trustworthy. But if it is easy for you to break your word, and you don’t take your own words seriously, you are not taking your own self seriously.

It is the promise you make to yourself which is the most important promise to keep. This will require you to respect yourself and respect your own words.  After all, if you don’t take yourself seriously, why should anyone else?

Your yes must mean yes, your no must mean no, therefore think before you speak. Don’t make promises, but when you do make a promise make it your ambition to fulfill those words. And don’t call yourself a Gentleman, that is for other people to observe and determine.

A Gentleman is worthy of trust.

Once upon a time, I entered a “Gentleman’s agreement” with someone, we shook hands and that was it, I took him at his word and he took me at mine. A few months later I introduced him to someone I thought would be beneficial to his cause. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of a storm, things were being said behind my back that was nowhere near the truth and my actions were called into question. I did not defend myself, I let whoever believe whatever they chose to believe and backed away from the whole situation. I asked myself “Did I break the agreement I shook hands over?” the answer was no. Did the gentleman I shook hands with break his agreement? From my point of view yes. However, from his point of view, because I did not abandon the project we shook hands over and joined him wholeheartedly with the new project he considered I had abandoned him and broken our agreement. The lesson I learned is Trust should never be simply given, it should be earned over time. Trust Worthiness should only be given to someone who has proven to be worthy of your trust.



The easy path, if your trust is broken, is to blame the person who broke your trust, critique them, hate and scold them. But whose trust was it in the first place? If I give my expensive crystal glass to a child to drink juice and they break the glass, do I blame the child or acknowledge I gave them the expensive crystal when I could have given them a plastic cup, understand it is your trust.

When you break someone’s trust you’re making it difficult for them to trust again, don’t be the fool who intentionally breaks someone’s trust to “teach them a lesson”, because you are creating for yourself people who wish you dead, and you never know how powerful are the wishes of a pure heart gripped in pain. Consider your trustworthiness your inner Light and make every effort to keep that love light burning brightly.


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Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie

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