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ICU Online Motors is where we expect all our Petrol Head fans will hang out, so we will be providing weekly content courtesy of Marky Wolf of South East Customz who is currently filming Bitten By The Wolf for our WebTV.

Motors will cover a wide range of motoring tips, tricks, advice, and some do’s and don’ts when it comes to the rules on the road, the Highway Code for the seasoned veteran.

We will be providing some behind the scenes footage, and outtakes of Bitten by the wolf, and first-hand information of the Spin-off shows planned for 2020. I will mention it first here, Wolf will be seen in and around London driving some of his crazy modified but street legal creations. Will there be a competition rewarding people who see him and post a comment telling us where, when and what the Wolf was driving? You will have to log on tune in and chill out to find out.




Pablo Genius
Author: Pablo Genius

I live my life 1 mile at a time, and for that mile, I am absolutely free.

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