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Remember this:

The designers & architects of this Universe created Mankind in their image, they are on my side, and they are for me and not against me.

Their desire and joy is that I am fully enlightened in their ways.

Love is the eternal law and energy which bonds creation to its creator.

Omnipresent: Meaning in all things, through all things and is all things infinite and eternal. What Scientists now call the Higgs Boson field, determines the individual Atoms’ behaviour. But before it was known as the Higgs field, it was known as the GREAT SPIRIT, in all, through all and that which is all things. Not to be mistaken as God, which is the source behind religions with rules laws and regulations, one must free their mind from all forms of religion to even begin to comprehend the Omnipresent one who is inside every person, every creature, every blade of grass.

Omniscient: Meaning having all knowledge and all understandings of everything everywhere infinite and eternal, the full scope of every thought from every beig from every dimension, and the full scope of that which has not yet been thought and will never be thought. Observed by those who have travelled to the astral plane and observed the Akashic Records. The Omniscient mind is the all-knowing mind in which we all move around, exist and have our individual experiences of Life,

Omnipotent: All power, movement, motion and animation throughout the Universe, from the power that animates the ant to the gravitational pull of our Galaxy, from our ability for the mind to form thoughts to the continuous expansion of the Universe, there is just one force behind all power infinite and eternal. The Great Spirit, which has no name, form, shape, religious rights or wrongs, political lefts or rights, or judgements or condemnations, but simply provides Eternal Love, Light and Life in every form, every dimension for ‘the purpose of’ experience.

We as Humans are made in the image of our creators, but it should be understood our Creator is not the Source of existence, the Source is not God, and all that we know about God fails to come close to what the source actually is. But in saying the Source is Omnipresent, this means Source IS in you, throught you and IS YOU, then understand something more powerful than all the Almighty Gods combines lives in you, sustains you and is the Silent Witness to everything you think say and do. Nothng has authority over you, except that to which you bow down. Your relationship with Source is infinite and eternal. And right here and now your test is whether or not unconditional LOVE can freely flow through you.

Your religions and beliefs matter nought, your deeds and achievements matter nought, your rights and wrongs matter nought, for when this life is over YOU will be your judge and jury, and LOVE will be the only standard and measure given to you to evaluate yourself.

Love (Omnipresent), Light (Omniscience) and Life (Omnipotence) are all that truly exist infinite and eternal.

Welcome to my mind.

Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie

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