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Concerning Relationships:

Have you heard this saying, “If he doesn’t move to you he isn’t into you”? This advice is given to women concerning possible suitors. Take the man who is aggressively seeking you over the one who is laid back and taking his time. Women who believe in this foolishness also believe men are only after one thing. Do I need to explain or have you worked out this equation already?

The man who aggressively moves to you is only after one thing, a moist vagina, nothing else, well, if you have a car and a place he can stay he will take that too, thus a woman thinks she has a relationship, but she is simply keeping a man by meeting his wants. The man who is taking his time is looking for some worthy woman to whom he can give his love, support, and devotion, it takes time to get to know a person’s heart and mind, to learn about their values, their convictions, and understanding. Will she make a great mum, a great wife? The man taking his time knows every woman on the planet has a vagina, but which one of these women will be a best friend, a soul mate, a twin flame, a sparring partner, who is the foundation upon which he can build the rest of his life?

A Gentleman often purposefully puts himself in a woman’s “friend zone”, he is taking his time to get to know her, even if she stripped naked and threw herself into his arms, a gentleman has (or should have) the heart and mind to protect her modesty, it is not about celibacy, but more about protection. A gentleman has a very healthy respect for womankind, seeing all women as his mother, sister, or daughter, and treating them the way he would wish other men would treat his mother, sister, or daughter.

Women are not conquests, the man who desires to sleep with every woman he knows is like a fly of mankind. We all know when a fly lands on your food that food is no longer safe to eat because a fly also enjoys feasting on feces. He cannot be compared to the man who looks for his soul mate and will love only her.

Often I hear women ask where have all the good men gone? well, where are you looking? Good men are not out looking for one-night stands, they are not out “having a good time” as society dictates, they care about their purpose and are about their purpose.

Therefore be patient, be about your purpose, get to know your values, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your reason to be on earth, and life will provide for you the person who compliments you and is on a similar path, someone who builds you up, not tears you down.

It is the content of character that can determine the longevity of a relationship. Therefore understand, that a good man is about his purpose, and is worth the wait. They do exist.

So it has been said ‘nice guys finish last. This is very true, but this is all about bedroom etiquette. If a man is considering the needs and wants of his partner, her sexual pleasures should supersede his own, when it comes to love-making the Gentleman is in Master Student mode, studying her every sound, her every move, her every pleasure as if she is a University subject. Massage every inch of her body, know every blemish on her skin, every curve, every dimple, every freckle, all of her tastes and scents. Her orgasm is the whole purpose of making Love, … wait, what!? you didn’t know this? You thought it was about yours, go have a wank, because when you are with a woman it is all about hers. Therefore keep in shape, do cardio work, and keep your strength and stamina up, yoga is good exercise, and be prepared to dive deep for no less than an hour. Blessed is the man who can make love until the sun rises.

But be patient, save all this for your soul mate, be with that one woman who will bear your children.


Thank you for reading my version of The Gentleman’s Code. I hope it inspired.

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Pablo G McKenzie
Author: Pablo G McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie

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