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There are many signs that you’re trapped in a toxic relationship.

What is a toxic relationship? It Is an abusive relationship.

A toxic relationship is one that makes you feel unsupported, misunderstood, demeaned, or attacked. On a basic level, any relationship that makes you feel worse rather than better can become toxic over time. Toxic relationships can exist in just about any context, from the playground to the boardroom to the bedroom.

Signs of a toxic relationship include lack of trust, controlling behaviors, and feeling drained. Both partners can fix a toxic relationship if they try therapy, reflective listening, and honesty.

“A partner who makes suggestions for what you need to improve, doesn’t support your interests or hobbies, and fundamentally criticizes aspects of who you are is definitely toxic,” says Gary Lewandowski Jr., Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Monmouth University.

Toxic partners like to make criticizing statements on a regular basis, subtle words that dig at your self-esteem.

Comments that strip away your self-esteem can make you start to feel bad about yourself and begin to doubt your own judgment. You’re constantly thinking, What can I do to make things better?

A toxic relationship can affect your ability to engage in self-care. Taking good care of yourself is vital for your self-esteem, without self-care you cannot be the best version of yourself. A toxic relationship can lead to depressive behavior. If you begin to neglect your me time, self-hygiene, or self-care for any reason, it could be a sign the relationship you are in is turning toxic and your self-esteem is being damaged.

If you are in an abusive relationship, call your National Domestic Hotline.


Al McKenzie
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