Be a Master Student

A Master Student

Become a Master Student of Love in order to become a Master Practitioner in Love.
This is one who has mastered the art of living constantly in Loves energy.
A secret in life is “all of our answers can be found within”. Those seeking outside of themselves are constantly seeking. But what is inside that we should be looking for?
The Great teacher lives and breaths in you, the teacher is Love. Learning what love is, how love flows, how love thinks and applying these attributes to your secret private life is the path of those who have chosen to take seriously the Gentleman’s code.
Becoming a Master Student of Love one should adopt the mind of a student and understanding the need to learn, adapt, grow and change. A master is one who has perfected the art, a student is one who is learning. The Master Student is one who has perfected the art of learning.
There is no room for ego, one must be willing to learn from a child, from a dog or from a beggar. Love is nothing that can be spoken, it is a universal language understood by all, a dog knows if you love it, so to any human will know if you love them and care for them.
Love is sincere, there is no greater evil than “pretend love” in order to manipulate.  A practitioner of Love is one who has made Love a way of life but unannounced.
The golden rule is to treat people the way you would wish to be treated. Do not stand in judgement of others and ignore the judgement of others if your conscience is clear.
The love I speak of in this post is not concerning feelings or emotion, but rather the scientific equations behind creation. The Earth is faithfully orbiting the Sun, the relationship is therefore constant, dependable, stable, reliable, predictable. These are solid characteristics, if applied to your life constantly what would the outcome of your life be? The feelings and emotions that result as a byproduct of these characteristics are all pleasant, but should not be mistaken for Loves Force.
Loves Force is supernatural, to live by this force produces what could be perceived as a selfless lifestyle. The gentleman is one who seems to put others needs before his own, the hero is one who will risk his/her life to rescue others. Whereas to live without love one seeks their own needs first, one will save themself and leave others to die. Today we live in a society run by cowards for cowards, these spineless limpwristed jellyfish have no courage whatsoever. Thus in a nation that has Billions in the bank, there is homelessness and people who die from starvation.
The Words of Love are Living and Active, sharper than a double-edged sword, penetrating joint and marrow, The Words of love cannot be found in a book, in a manuscript, in scripture or any kind of text, for the words of Love are universal, understood by all nations, by all species, by all life forms, the Words of Love is spoken only by your actions and the things you do.
Let Love speak through you.
Pablo McKenzie
Author: Pablo McKenzie

Yesterday is our picture, tomorrow a blank canvas; but right now is the artist at work. P.G.McKenzie

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